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Recipe: Appetizing The humble bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich

The humble bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. A bacon, egg and cheese sandwich is a breakfast sandwich popular in the United States and Canada. It is made with bacon, eggs (typically fried or scrambled), cheese and bread, which may be buttered and toasted. Friday's bacon egg and cheese from this East Village deli brought mixed feelings to the group, its myriad faults listed as too bready, tasteless bacon and unequal cheese distribution, but overall, it earned our seal of approval, tying with Dunhill Cafe for first place.

The humble bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich The humble egg and cheese on a roll is invariably satisfying. However, this dependable sandwich can also get dressed up — and may just surprise you. Lightly butter the rolls and place them flat side up on the prepared baking sheet. You can have The humble bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich using 6 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of The humble bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich

  1. It’s 2 slices of bread.
  2. Prepare 2 of eggs.
  3. It’s 2 of big slices of bacon.
  4. It’s of Cheese of choice, I always use American because I like the creaminess of it.
  5. It’s of Mayo optional.
  6. Prepare of Butter for scrambling the eggs.

This is the sandwich you can make for your family for breakfast, for lunch, and maybe even for dinner. You can use whatever rolls you have, or even bread, whatever type of bacon you have around, whatever type of cheese. The step of toasting the rolls in the pan with a. I was never an egg sandwich lover.

The humble bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich step by step

  1. Fry a couple of pieces of bacon or use leftover bacon recrisped. While you do that, gently scramble your eggs in a dap of butter and maybe a spoonful of that bacon fat in the skillet the bacon is in. Toast and mayo your bread. Slide the egg onto the bread, add the cheese and bacon and top it with the bread. So easy and so comforting. I served ours with broccoli slaw..
  2. My egg winds up thick like that because I use a small, nonstick pot to scramble my egg in. It makes it perfect sandwich sized..

In fact, with the exception of frittatas and omelettes, I'm not much of an egg person, period. For example, I will run for the So, it took me a long time to have my first Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich. I am even a little embarrassed to admit, but it was only this year. How to make the ultimate fried egg, bacon and cheese sandwich. This easy bacon and eggs recipe makes for an amazing breakfast.